Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lucy the Weimaraner

A couple of years ago I had two dogs-a male German Shepherd dog named Sam and a female German Shepherd dog named Brandy. I got this wild idea-it was more like a craving-to get a Weimaraner. I had always wanted one and suddenly it seemed like the right time.

I looked in the paper and this guy was selling some 9 week old puppies. He lived in Pecos, which is a mountainous area near Santa Fe, and I live in Albuquerque. So he tells me Pecos is a long way to drive to go look at some puppies, why don't I meet him at this rest stop on I-25, and he would bring a couple of them. I was like that is kind of weird, but OK.

So I get in my car and arrive at the rest stop at the appropriated time. I wait and wait....and wait.. and wait...the guy never shows. I try calling him on my cell phone and get no answer. I was kind of pissed off but figured maybe it was for the best, after all what is he trying to hide? Is this some kind of puppy mill or something?

After driving back home, feeling kind of down about the whole thing I grabbed the paper and looked at the dogs for sale. Some lady had a 1 year old female Weimaraner. I called her and she said she just didn't have time to spend with the dog and her husband wasn't too happy they had a dog in the first place. Apparently this lady went and got the dog and didn't tell her husband about it. Funny thing was, it turned out she got the dog from the guy I was supposed to meet at the rest stop! I was like this must be meant to be, so headed out to her place.

When I got there her hubby opened the door. He seemed nice enough, but I soon discovered that the puppy was completely afraid of this dude. They said the dog was out back and they tried calling her in. She came running in at full speed and ran right up the stairs. They were having a hard time bringing her down because she was hiding under the bed. During all this the lady was explaining to me how timid the dog was, she said the dog was afraid to go on walks and would try to hide between your legs if you walked her.

Finally, the husband got the dog out from under the bed and brought her down. He explained how the dog had peeeed on the couch and he was really unhappy about that. The people seemed really anxious to get rid of her, and they told me that one time the dog escaped and ended up in the animal shelter, and they considered leaving her in there! These folks are not animal lovers!

The dog was being really timid and wouldn't come around me much, but I felt so sorry for her I told them I would take her and I gave them $175 cash. Off we went. I decided to name the dog Lucy.

The drive to my house was quiet, Lucy barely stirred. I pulled into my driveway and pulled her out of the car and trotted on into the house. I opened the door and once Lucy saw my other two dogs, she suddenly came to life! She immediately ran in and started playing vigorously with my dogs. Lucy has been the same ever since. She is not timid on walks at all like the lady described. In fact I take her off leash in the mountains and she runs full speed all over the place.

Well that is how I acquired Lucy the Weimaraner.

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