Monday, August 25, 2008

Dog Abuse

In a horrible comment on the human psyche 11 dogs were stolen from an animal shelter in Grants Pass, Oregon. Four of them, all puppies, were found beaten to death by assailants unknown. One of the beaten dogs was laid out in the street. Maybe to shock passers by? What kind of sick person would do such a thing?

I guess people get a sense of power by beating and abusing defenseless animals. Take this recent case in Shreveport, Louisiana. A large dog was found hanging in the closet of an abandoned house. The unfortunate thing about cases like this is that its not going to be high priority and its going to be very hard to track down the assailants. Police are taking this more seriously these days, but probably not seriously enough. If you don't care about the dogs welfare, ask yourself this question. Is a person willing to hang a dog in a closet someone you want to associate with? What makes you think they wouldn't kill a child or your grandmother?

In another bizarre case in Louisiana a woman named Mia Sterling (is that a stage name?) locked a puppy in the trunk of her car while she went shopping. This case sounds more like sheer stupidity than anything else. Maybe Ms. Sterling doesn't have the brains to realize a dog will suffocate and get heat stroke, and probably die if you lock him in the trunk. I wonder if she has children and if she would lock them in the trunk of her car too.

If you live in Fort Bragg, NC you might want to keep your dog inside. Apparently Sergeant Sasha Lee was so bothered by a loose dog in his neighborhood that he went home and got a gun, returned and shot the dog. Lee claimed the dog growled at him and he shot the dog in self-defense, but the police noted that he was able to go inside his home to get the gun and the dog didn't follow him in there. Charges have been filed, but the owner of the dog was also cited for having a dog off leash. I think people stationed at Fort Bragg might be more careful in the future about letting their dogs roam loose. Just a side note-you have to wonder about a man named Sasha!

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