Thursday, August 21, 2008

Heartworm Update Day 17

Well Tony has come down with diarrhea. Not a good thing for a dog that has to be confined to a crate for 42 days. He was whining last night-but what dog wouldn't if he had to be confined 24/7! He goes into whining frenzies periodically. I've been giving him bones stuffed with canned dog food, but I often ignore the whining because the bottom line is he can't be let out. It was about 3 AM anyway. Around 3:30 he stopped and I fell back asleep. When I got up I found the mess. The poor dog had managed to go in his empty water bowl so his cage wasn't very messy. I noticed he was making an effort to clean the poop up that didn't make it into the bowl.

An aside, I was thinking maybe this explains why some dogs eat their poop, a behavior that has mystified dog owners since time immemorial. Maybe wolves clean their dens out if one of them gets sick the same way Tony attempted to clean out the mess in his crate.

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