Thursday, August 7, 2008

Heartworm Treatment Days 1-3

If your dogs aren't on heartworm preventative, you need to get them on it. Giving them the preventative is a very minor inconvenience, going through heartworm treatment is hell.

The first day I brought Tony, my young German Shepherd dog home from the vet, he was pretty groggy. So the idea of confining him in a crate wasn't all that traumatic. I just put him in there and he slept most of the day and night. End of day 1, only 41 more days to go.

Day 2 wasn't bad either. I took him out on the leash in the morning and let him use the bathroom, and put him back in the crate. He was a bit more alive the second day, but all in all things were not so bad.

On day 3 I took the rest of my dogs over to Sharon's house to run around on her 5 acres. I kind of got relaxed. Sharon was at work and the dogs were running around having a grand old time, so I just sat back in a recliner and read. After a few hours the dogs were exhausted so I headed on home.

I opened the door and there was Tony, wagging his tail! He had somehow got himself out of his crate! This was a complete disaster since a dog must be kept still during the heartworm treatment! I went to the bedroom and saw that he had completely demolished the crate! I don't know how he did it, but he did. I shouldn't be all that surprised, since Tony has learned to open doors (not locked ones yet...). Needless to say, I had to go blow $142 on a new crate.

I called the vet and he decided to put Tony on Xanex! Its an anti-anxiety medication and I guess they give it to dogs for separation anxiety. He thinks this will calm Tony down and make him accept being kept in a crate. I sure hope so. I think Tony might need to be sedated to get through this. But can you sedate a dog for 42 days? This is nuts.

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