Saturday, August 30, 2008

3 Things To Do For Your Dog Today

Many dog owners just have their dogs just there-hanging out at the house. Maybe they take them for the occasional walk-or notice when the dog is misbehaving.

Amazingly, there are a few simple things you can do that enrich your dogs life and make her a better member of your household with just an investment of a few minutes every day. Here are three things you can incorporate pretty easily in your routine.

1. Train Your Dog Daily
Just because your dog went to obedience class and knows how to sit doesn't mean he can't use a refresher. In fact you should keep up your dog training day to day so your dog is sharp and well behaved. It doesn't have to be be a big deal, just take 5 minutes every day to review commands-have your dog sit, stay, and come. Dogs actually enjoy this and you'll find that your dogs behavior is improved overall.

2. Groom Your Dog
A great way to bond with your dog is spend 5 minutes a day grooming. If nothing else, just brush your dog. Learn how to trim his nails instead of having the vet or a groomer do it. Dogs love the attention.

3. Give Your Dog a MilkBone Daily
We all know dogs love treats. Make a daily milk bone a part of their routine. I give my dogs a milk bone every morning. I get up, let them out to go potty, and them bring them back in a few minutes later for their milk bones. Its something they have come to expect and look forward too.

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