Monday, August 25, 2008

Five Essentials for your New Puppy

1.Dog Crate
A dog which is crate trained is a happier dog. Moreover he's easier to manage. At first glance, a crate might seem cruel. Why cage up your dog? There are many reasons to keep a dog in a crate. At night a crate is a good place for a dog to sleep. If a repair man comes to the house, you can crate your dog instead of worrying if the repair man is afraid of dogs. With a new puppy, keeping him in a crate avoids destructive behavior while you're at work such as chewing on the furniture. Keeping a dog in a crate is not cruel because you're not going to keep your dog in the crate all the time-just during important periods where the dog can't be directly supervised. You will be surprised to learn that dogs actually like crates if they are only kept in them for short periods-it taps into their den instinct. Dogs come to see the crate as their personal space.

2.Leather Leash
Any new dogs needs a leash. But don't just get any leash. Get your dog a 6 foot leather lead. Leather is good. Its sturdy, and smooth on the hands. Cotton and nylon leashes are rougher on your hands and aren't any cheaper.

3.Long training lead
A trained dog is a happier dog and a dog that's easier to live with. Get your puppy a long training lead that you can use to teach him to stay and come with effectively. Generally a n 18-30 foot line is what you'll need.

4.Puppy Training Videos
Don't just hope for the best with your new puppy. Sign him up for dog obedience classes and obtain resources you need to learn how to train dogs yourself. Get books and videos that will help you make your dog a loving member of the family instead of an out of control canine that chews up your dining room table.

5.Consider a pet containment system
Whether you live on a large open property or in the city, keeping your dog confined safely is one of the most important things you can do. You don't want your dog to get lost and hit by a car or worse. One way you can help ensure your dog stays in your yard is to get a wireless pet containment system. Not only will it keep your dog safely on your property, but it will allow you to define appropriate play areas for your dog. Keep your dog safely in the yard and out of the vegetable garden-all without having to build unsightly fences.

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