Saturday, September 20, 2008

Heartworm Update

My plan to keep Tony, the German Shepherd Dog with heartworm, in a bedroom has predictably turned into a disaster. And when I had to leave him alone for several hours he pooped and peed all over. Starting this upcoming Monday I still have two more weeks of confinement, giving a total of 9 weeks. What a nightmare. Rather than accepting it he is getting more antsy as time goes by. I've tried bringing him out on leash to sit with me in the living room and he's pretty calm when I do that, but maybe its making it worse during other times-since he knows what he's missing being shut up in the bedroom. It seems like it'll be a miracle if he makes it through this and then when he does, I've got to potty train him all over again! I'm thinking of going to Pet Smart and getting some of those potty training pads for dogs to see if he will at least stick to those instead of going all over, now that he's discovered that he can poop in the bedroom.

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