Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Heartworm Treatment Update

My German Shepherd Dog Tony is now in his 6th week of the grueling heartworm treatment. He is having a hard time with it mentally so I've been taking him into the living room on leash so he can chew a bone and sit with the other dogs. Otherwise he goes nuts being confined in there all day and all night.

Heartworm treatment is barbaric! I mean keeping a dog confined for 42 days straight is completely insane. I guess there is no other way, the fact is the worms are in the heart and blood vessels, and if you kill them they don't have anywhere to go so can cause blood clots. Maybe someday in the future they'll invent some fancy nanotechnology treatment that eats up the worms without putting the dog at risk!

Tony has to be confined for an extra two weeks since my vet went out of town without letting me know when Tony was due for his second round of treatment. I just hope there are no more diarrhea attacks between now and then!

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