Thursday, September 18, 2008

Heartworm Update

Well its late and I confess-I'm drinking wine in order to stay sane while my dog goes nuts confined to a single room for 6 weeks now.

The vet was adamant: keep the dog STRICTLY confined. He even suggested putting him in an airport carrier. Have you seen those things? They allow the dog to see out the front, but the sides are COMPLETELY blocked off. And you want me to keep a dog confined in THAT for six, seven, and what has now turned into nine weeks? You have got to be completely insane.

Well I had a hard enough time keeping him in a standard wire crate, and as I've mentioned in previous posts I ended up letting him have an entire bedroom to himself. This calmed him down quite a bit and he spends most of his time laying on the bed.

But TIME IS PASSING. We are approaching the seventh week of this pure insanity and as you might imagine, my dog has had enough. For one thing he isn't stupid, he can hear the other dogs and myself out in the living room. And he can hear when I take the other dogs for walks. He can hear when I let the other dogs out into the yard. He is going absolutely bonkers.

So being a softie I've recently taken to bringing him into the living room on leash. This keeps him from getting active, he pretty much just lays next to me (he is laying next to me right now as I type on the computer). But he is a whole lot happier since he is part of the gang. I hope this doesn't end up killing him. He isn't getting overly active from this but considering the vet wanted him confined in an airplane carrier he's pretty out there.

If you had a dog with heartworm how would you handle it? Two weeks to go from this upcoming Monday.

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